S.S.C 93 Batch of Chandpur
25 Years Celebration (Silver Jubilee)

About Us

Riverine Bangladesh is enriched with the essence of Bengali culture and heritage of thousands of years. Myriad beauties of six seasons, lash greenery of hills and plains, endless nuances of colors and joys and the murmuring of the thousands of rivers have made Bangladesh unique and unparallel. The Padma and the Meghna, the two great flowing streams of Bangladesh summit the dauntless Dakatia to form a confluence of three mighty roaring rivers at Chandpur.

The ‘City of Hilsha’ is being developed here on this charming, sonorous and mind blowing tri-tidal congregation. Chandpur, famous for the names of folk-tale figures such as Chand Sawdagar or Chand Fakir and being nourished with the flows of the Meghna, remains out of the focus of the tourists’ thirsty sight till now. In order to take the culture, heritage and traditions of Chandpur to the windows of the tourists’ mind, the book is an effort for branding Chandpur.